Monday, October 19, 2009

Self Portraits

My life is a constant balancing act: classes, homework, church, friends, family, work, internships, "free time", president of Campus Crusade for Christ...the list goes on. Sometimes it's a lot of work, sometimes I can let go and handle things okay, and sometimes it all just falls a part. (Kind of cliche sounding, but oh well...)


  1. CUTE! Makes me wish I had a tripod....

  2. these are so good halez, and i love the description to go with it. i love you. -bee

  3. These pictures are so good! I love them. They made me laugh and cry. I'm so very proud of you baby. Mom

  4. I loved the new pictures! What a great portrayal of what you wrote about your life. Life IS a balancing act but I notice you had the right book at the top of your "balancing act".

    Really Neat interpretation.

  5. Halie:
    See my comments in another section of your blog.

  6. Rev. Larry and Susie MartinOctober 23, 2009 at 6:56 PM

    You are so is a balancing act! As long as you keep the "Book of Life" on the top, you'll end up on top! Rev. Larry and Susie Martin