Sunday, November 8, 2009

Neighborhood Issues

West King has been under construction for months, and subsequently converted to a one-way street allowing traffic only west-bound. Some of the businesses and restaurants are suffering because of this construction. The area is basically deserted, and there are currently three properties up for rent. Desi Pappas and I went together to take these photos, and she has great pictures too, which can be found on her blog, In Real Life...

(*Professor Eaton: we know you told us to make sure there are subjects in the photos, but that IS our issue at hand--this area is being neglected by the residents and there are no people at the shops and cafe's in this portion of West King.*)

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  1. The "Road Closed" one came out GREAT!!! Glad there were no cars to hit us, though I was never sure of that. Thx for the company!