Monday, February 8, 2010


These are all some of my favorites from the weeks I was at home in Tallahassee with my family for Christmas break!
Mollie wearing her Christmas scarf, and standing on her Christmas presents, while watching us open our presents! (She things the sound crinkling paper means treats for her, so she gets pretty excited.)
(All photo captions correspond with photo above it.)

Megan's new puppy, Squirt, on his new bed, for his new "big boy" crate because he already outgrew the first one! Yikes!

My stocking, and my new penguin from Lifeway that says: "Let Heaven & Nature Sing." This is my life motto!

Christmas morning! With presents for 10 family members!

Megan and I got to pick out the Christmas tree all on our own this year!

Beautiful tree in my neighborhood at home.

Singing Christmas Tree at Bradfordville First Baptist Church in Tallahassee. (First year in about six that I haven't been in it with Mama and Megan.)

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  1. So you wrote that you got to pick out the Christmas tree this year. I got excited to see the picture because I assumed it was the tree you picked! and then I saw the big orangey leaved tree and laughed. (Laughing becasue I thought it was perfect for you, AND then continuing to laugh when I realized that is in your neighborhood. hahaha. my bad. LOVE ALL OF THIS