Monday, February 8, 2010

My Favorite Ornaments

So, it's been months since I've posted photos, and these particular ones are way overdue. But I guess it's better late than never! Every year, my mom gives each of us an ornament as a present. So here are a few of my favorite ornaments from my family's Christmas tree at home!
I don't really have a reason the candy cane is one of my favorites, except that it's cute, and I remember it being around for forever.
A family friend made this for us a few years back, and I just really like it.

This was one of my very own first ornaments--Noah's Ark.

My mom had these made for my sister and I when we were both cheerleaders. They are our high school colors, and even the right color hair for each of us!

My "Aunt" Jane, who is really my mom's best friend, made this for our family in 2007. Penguins are kind of my obsession, so obviously I would love this ornament for our family!
This is another one that my sister and I both have on of our own. This one is my angel, and she has blonde hair, and my sister's again has brown hair. (Her wings are actually feathers, and that's my favorite part!)
This is my favorite picture of my sister and I! She is about a year old, and I would be around 4 years old. Megan was such a chunker, but so dang cute!

Penguins are my favorite, ever. And this is my favorite penguin ornament. (I have many others...)

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