Monday, February 8, 2010

I Take Pictures of Random Things.

I definitely take pictures of very random things. I'm not always entirely sure why, but sometimes I end up really liking some of them!
My mom and sister and I made this wreath for our front door this year!

These are some of the little elements of the wreath, all up close and personal...

My favorite perfume that I own. Smells sooo amazing.

Random, cool tree in a Flagler College parking lot.

Fresh strawberries I bought at the flea market this past weekend.

Dishwashing scrubber...probably most random of them all...

Mini-Cupcakes Jenni made for mine and Stephen's birthday party.

Mug-O-Tea during finals.

Family's empty Coke cans at Christmas lunch.

Salt and Pepper shakers at Christmas lunch.

Tiny pumpkins and squash at Christmas lunch.

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